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A book lends credibility to your expertise

Why Publish a Book

It is common wisdom in the business world that if you want to improve your credibility and build expertise, you need to have a book. This is especially true if you are a motivational speaker, or plan to become one. So why don't you have a book yet? 

Writing books can be a business, and you can make money being an author. However, that's not what the experts are talking about when they say you need a book. 

A book is an investment in your future income. It is not a business, but a marketing tool. It is there to build credibility and demonstrate your expertise. Giving a $2.00 book to the right client has the potential to bring you business several thousand times your investment in that book. 

A book is the price of admission to the motivational speaking world. The book you haven't written is the key to getting more and better speaking opportunities. Whether you sell or give away your book to your audience, the fee for the speaking opportunity is often many times more than you could make just selling the book by itself. 

A book is the marketing tool you've been missing. Isn't it time you invested in yourself? 

A Matter of Time

Your time is valuable. Writing a book is time consuming. In fact, it can take anywhere from 100 hours to 1,000 hours to write a book. That's if you are an experienced writer. If you are an expert in something other than writing, the process of writing a well-crafted book can take even longer. 

How much can you earn doing what you do best in 100 hours? Remember, that's just your investment in the content. Then it needs to be properly edited, proofread, laid out, formatted as an ebook, and cover art needs to be created. You don't need to be an expert in any of those things, because we are. 

We talk about promises quite a bit. Here's a promise we can make without reservation: We promise we can create a book that you can be proud of in less time and for a lower cost than if you did it yourself. This is our expertise, or core competency. As an expert, you expect your clients to come to you because it's the cost-effective way to get the right results the first time. Shouldn't you do the same thing?

The Time is Now

There is no question that you need a book. Done right, a book is an investment in your future income. Genius Book Services does books right. 

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