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Genius Book Services
We Make The Path to Self-Publishing Easy

Are you looking for author services that understand YOU, not just your story? Do you want your layout to compliment your message? Do you want cover art that can honor the hard work you’ve put into your book?

Some say the real work starts when you write The End. It is true there is still a lot to do in the self-publishing journey. And when it comes to kindle direct publishing and e-book formatting, the specifics can get overwhelming. Where do you buy an ISBN (and what is an ISBN, anyway)? And let's not overlook all the work needed to get your book listed on retail sites like Amazon for self-publishers, IngramSpark, Kobo, iTunes, etc. And while we're discussing Amazon, what the heck is Author Central?

Of course, you could navigate the path of book publishing on your own. But why not value your time and let us, one of the best self-publishing companies, use our 30+ years of experience to make the path to publishing your book simple? We offer professional results in a reasonable amount of time at an affordable price.

They say great minds think alike. Genius Book Services is the self-publisher's ally where your writing brilliance meets our publishing genius. Whether it is Kindle self-publishing or Amazon direct publishing, we ensure your story is told exactly how you envisioned.

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