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Crafting the perfect e-book goes beyond mere words on a screen—it is about creating an immersive reading experience. At Genius Book Services, we specialize in e-book formatting that honors the author's voice without the distractions of over-complication. With an eye for precision akin to the finest print layouts, we apply our expertise in ePub conversion and e-book formatting for Kindle, Kobo, iTunes, and elsewhere to ensure that your book thrives in the digital realm.

While e-books might not afford the tactile precision of their printed counterparts, our e-book formatting is executed with the same attention to detail. We aim for simplicity that translates to elegance across all devices, recognizing that the true power of your e-book lies within your story and the clarity with which it is presented to your audience. With Genius Book Services, your e-book will be impeccably formatted to meet the highest standards of digital publishing, ensuring that your words—and images—speak volumes.

Understanding that e-books are more akin to sophisticated websites than their print book counterparts, we navigate the nuances of Amazon Kindle formatting with finesse. As you venture into e-book publishing, our formatting services streamline the process, transforming your manuscript into a polished product that is as easily readable on an e-reader as it is on a tablet. Our e-books are meticulously calibrated to retain the integrity of your images in vivid color on capable devices, ensuring a win-win for both black-and-white and color e-readers.


Ebooks start at $350. If you require lots of specialized formatting or extra features, we will need to quote you an updated price. Budget $350.

Ebook Bundle

If you only need an ebook and ebook cover (front cover only), we have a special bundle price for you. $560, 30% off the list price.

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