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When the Dancer Becomes the Dance

Have you heard of the “book dance”? That is the process by which a reader decides to buy your book. They look at the title (usually on the spine, but in today’s digital world, it is on the screen). Then they look at the front cover. If all of that appeals to them, they turn the book over and read what is on the back. That is your sales copy. Like the cover itself, the sales copy needs to be as well thought out as the writing in the book. And it needs to sell the book, to get the reader over that last hump in making the decision to buy.

At Genius Book Services, we specialize in composing sales copy that resonates with the heartbeat of your book. Whether it is the thrill of a novel or the insightful journey of non-fiction, our copywriting is designed to echo the emotions and the promise of your work. We craft narratives for your sales page that do not just describe; they sell. They do not just inform; they inspire. Our goal is to convert curiosity into commitment and browsers into buyers.

Allow us to take your reader over that final threshold, with sales copy that dances off the page and leads your book into the hands of those who will cherish it.


Sales copy writing is $300.

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