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Whether fiction or non-fiction, the book you've envisioned is not merely the words on a page—it is your masterpiece that reflects your unique voice and style. With over 30 years of design experience, we've honed our craft with the understanding that the best layouts are like crystal—clear and unobtrusive, allowing your story to shine through. While some authors strive for a design that diverges from the norm, it is important to consider the reader's experience. If you look at the works of prolific authors like James Patterson, Lee Child, or Stephen King, their books' layouts share a familiar clarity. This is not by accident; it is the story—the words themselves—that are paramount.

However, if you want drop caps and fancy little designs at the top of each chapter, your pages crafted with a unique font that sets it apart, just as you imagined, Genius Book Services is happy to deliver precisely that. But there is more to self-publishing a book than just the interior aesthetics.

Whether you're looking for a layout that is uniquely yours or aiming for the transparent elegance that has become a hallmark of the best self-publishing companies, our team at Genius Book Services is equipped to bring your vision to life. We know that the quality of your story should never be overshadowed by its presentation.


Print layout starts at $400. When we say, “starts at,” we mean 95% of our clients pay $400. If you have a very complex book to layout, like a medical textbook, we’ll have to quote you a price appropriate to the work involved. Budget $400.

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