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Even Hemingway Needed An Editor...

...And so do you. If you think you can effectively self-edit your book, I have news for you. The universe disagrees with you. So do your readers. It is imperative to have someone edit your book who is outside of your head. Because when you self-edit, everything looks right. At least for a little while. And if that “little while” spans the time when you published your book, you could have a problem.

The journey from manuscript to masterpiece is nuanced and complex, requiring a keen eye and a dedicated hand. That is why our book editors are more than just proofreaders; they're craftspeople dedicated to the art of perfecting the narrative. At Genius Book Services, we provide meticulous final-round copy editing and proofreading, ensuring that every sentence in your novel or nonfiction book is as clear and compelling as it can be. Our copy editing services are designed to refine your prose, sharpen your dialogue, and ensure that the essence of your story shines through with clarity and style. With a keen eye for detail, our proofreading services ensure that those little errors disappear before your book reaches the hands of your readers

At Genius Book Services, our commitment is not just to match the quality of big publishers but to exceed it. We understand that even the most renowned publications are not immune to the occasional typo. However, our ambition is to deliver a very clean, professionally edited, and thoroughly proofread book that stands as a testament to your dedication and can be held with pride—from cover to cover and everything in between. For us, it is not just about avoiding errors—it is about aiming for perfection in the pages.


Our editing prices are simple. Copyediting bundled with proofreading is $0.03/word. If you need one or the other a la carte, they are $0.02/word each. We recommend everyone get the bundle.

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