Music Photography is Music History

Music Photography is Music History

Music is an inseparable part of our culture, influential but quickly gone. It is lost in history the moment you hear it, existing only in recordings and your memory. The evolution of music reflects the evolution of who we are, and the history of that music is a record of our times.

Nearly everyone has had the experience of remembering the exact moment you heard a particular song, what it meant to you, and how it made you feel. Whether that was at a concert, in your car, in your home, or really anywhere, it is the emotions of the music that make a difference. Photos of great moments in the history of music are as important as the recordings of the music itself. And that history is the story of every culture the music touches.

Whether you are a music lover, historian, or collector, New Galleon Books has something for you to enjoy, relive, and remember. Our music history & photography books are a visual soundtrack to the experiences that could have otherwise been lost in time. It is as important to us to share with you those moments so they are not lost.

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Our lineup of present and future music history & photography books:

Stolen Moments: The Photography of Harold Sherrick documents 40 years of the Los Angeles music scene, in concerts and in portraits. Neil Young to Robert Smith, Tori Amos to Joe Walsh, Stolen Moments captures images that cannot be found anywhere else. With an introduction by Morley Bartnoff, keyboardist for Dramarama, and a foreword by Clem Burke, drummer for Blondie.

Brian Jones: Butterfly in the Park, The Photography of Michael Cooper collects over 120 images chronicling Brian Jones, founding member of The Rolling Stones, his life, career, and in many ways, his relationship with Michael, who, in addition to his work with The Stones, also photographed the Beatles’ iconic cover of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Butterfly in the Park offers a unique insight into one of the most enigmatic and influential musical figures of the 1960s. With contributions by Donovan, Linda Lawrence Leitch, and Prince Stash Klossowski de Rola, among others.

Eye of the Music: The Photography of Sherry Rayn Barnett (November 2020) is a visual soundtrack of music and the musicians that perform it. A photographic journey of contemporary music through four decades as seen through the lens, both on- and off-stage. The players, the singers, the songwriters - in the studio, in concert and in rehearsal. Decisive, historical moments that will never be repeated. With an introduction by Holly Gleason.

A Pig’s Tale: The Underground Story of the Legendary Bootleg Record Label, Trade Mark of Quality (March 2021) recalls that hot summer of ’69 when two longhaired music freaks created an underground LP record album of unreleased tracks by one of their music gods and put it out on the streets of Los Angeles. No one had ever been crazy enough to do such an audacious thing before. The god’s official record label was not amused but the music fans were thrilled. Were these guys pirates or heroes? A Pig’s Tale includes a complete discography, extensive photos of the record albums, pressing equipment, and other artifacts, and the entire body of album art created by acclaimed artist William Stout for Trade Mark of Quality.

Forever Young: The Photography of Julie Gardner (May 2021) offers an insider’s view of 10 years of touring with Neil Young. This book shares many amazing memories of hers through her selection of photographs of life on the road, mostly but not just on tour. Neil Young is the king of this traveling family, a true legend with a guitar, but Neil and the band are like the tip of an iceberg. Forever Young shows a full perspective of life on the road, seen through the eyes and lens of photographer, recording engineer, and designer Julie Gardner.

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